Details of the proposal for which assistance is sought for
i) Description of the proposal.
One-day training course for drivers and public. Plans to train 3000 volunteers.
Printing and distributing pamphlets and booklets on First Aid and Road Safety. [25000 copies]
Training for drivers in public service vehicles about safe and defensive driving.
Free eye testing and free supply of spectacles.
ii) Likely beneficiary
Drivers, students, teachers and general public
iii) Total estimated expenditure
One-day training course- 3000* Rs 75= Rs 225000. [Providing free photo identity card, tea, lunch, training expense]
Printing and distributing pamphlets and booklets 25000* Rs 7= Rs 175000
Training for drivers- once in a month with the help of officers of the Motor Vehicle Department who are the members of the Trauma Care [25 Drivers in a month, by arranging special vehicle]- 25*Rs75*12months=Rs22500
Free eye testing and free supply of spectacles- 500drivers* Rs 155= Rs 77500.
iv) Financing arrangements for the proposal.
Registration fee from volunteer trainees
Donation from life members.
Government help
v) Financial assistance sought – 5 lakhs.
vi) Implementation of schedule – 01/04/2005 to 31/03/2006.
he society was able to run only with the funds raised by the life members and the volunteers. No public collection or donations were accepted so far. We have not received any assistance from any Government Agencies even though we are the most active NGO in the road safety program.

N. Subash Babu,
President, Trauma Care,
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