The training in disaster management is of utmost importance to save lives of accident victims. When an accident occurs many victims may die on the spot. Again many lives can be saved if proper training is given to give first aid and also for proper disaster management. The life of the victim lies in a delicate balance and the time is of critical importance there. To expedite the Trauma care training programmes are held at the behest of ‘TRACK’ and classes are given to volunteers, college students, Teachers, drivers and the general public. Prevention of accidents is also outlined in our training programmes. Handling of the accident victims by the rescuers, prevention of loss of blood, first aid etc are also tackled in the classes.
Disaster Team
Trauma Care accident emergency service focuses on providing immediate relief to the road accident victims. This service is rendered in conjunction with the Calicut City Traffic Police. The disaster team immediately rushes to the accident site following any accident call reported through the Traffic emergency number. An ambulance with the necessary medical equipments and a trained paramedical medical staff will rush to the spot and provide the basic first aid to the victim If a victim is unconscious then he/she will be admitted into the nearby Government hospital. The Disaster team also takes the responsibility of informing the family members about the victim's condition. Our disaster team was at the forefront of service at the time of flooding in Calicut, Tsunami Disaster and serious Motor Vehicle Accidents. The team has done yeomen service in organizing first-aid counters, medical camps and also assisted in fire fighting during fires.
Blood Donation – Saves a Life!
Accidents involve a great deal of Blood loss often leading to deaths. Voluntary donation of blood can save a lot of lives. ‘TRACK’ encourages voluntary donations by healthy individuals above the age of 17 years. The society maintains a computerized list of volunteers willing to donate blood and is also spreading the word around on the life saving service of blood donation. The simple act of giving blood can create a positive impact on the life of someone.
Organ Donation - Giving the Gift of Life!
Nowadays doctors seek the option of transplanting organs for patients on the verge of death. This intensifies the unique and wrenching pains and pressures for people who are waiting for organs. It is traumatic for a deceased victim’s family to decide on Organ donation. Families who’ve decided to donate their loved ones’ organs deal with different emotions, as do the transplant recipients. Co-ordination is very essential in organ donation as time is critical. The organs from the donor should reach the receiver in good condition, which is possible only through the co-ordination of all people involved in trauma care. ‘TRACK’ makes efforts to co-ordinate these issues and also to create an awareness among the general public about organ donation.
Medical College Help Centre
A special counter is allotted to Trauma Care in front of the casualty, (Medical College, Calicut). Round the clock volunteer service is provided here. Assistance is given to trauma patients and their relatives in dealing with the trauma.